Top Ways to Deal with a Troubled Love Relationship

Dealing with a troubled love relationship can come with its own set of issues and rules that will ensure its success or result into the total crumbling of the relationship. When we talk about a love relationship, we mean love in general, any situation where you and someone share this feeling be it a sibling, parent, partner, spouse, etc. We do however exclude the love for things as they can not respond and therefore a conflict is not likely to form.

For most romantic relationships, trouble means the end of the relationship, while for family relationships people simply avoid each other, only meeting at occasions that they must attend as family and for friends that is it, you simply go your different ways. So instead of living life leaving behind all the love and continuously having to forge new relationships, you can look at the ways to deal with a troubled love relationship and maybe it will save yours.

Here goes:


Majority of problems in all our relationships arise from lack of or poor communication which leaves both parties to interpret the situation as they please. Knowing fully well that the human mind is highly susceptible to paranoia, informing your loved one of what is going on is the best way to stop their minds for creating scenarios of what could possibly be happening.

For example, a single parent starts dating again but does not explain the situation to his/her children. The children, especially the young ones, will start to withdraw thinking that if their parent finds a new love they will forget about them. They start to act out in an effort to make the relationship fail, but since no communication is done, the parent interprets this as something else and the cycle begins.

For love to prevail, parties have to be willing to talk out everything and also to listen to each other. Knowing exactly what is going on will stop feelings like jealousy from creeping up and causing craziness that may accompany it. If you meet someone new and are suddenly spending a lot of time with them, please be certain to inform your best friend before they start thinking that you have replaced them and slowly begin to withdraw to prevent heartbreak.

Learn to say sorry

Sometimes all it takes is a simple apology and the person will forgive even the most unforgivable of things. If you hurt your loved one, all you have to do is say ‘sorry’ and because they love you they will forgive you. But the ‘sorry’ needs to come from the heart. Otherwise it will be just another superficial word. Sometimes you might even be in the right and they are wrong, but because the circumstance or situation means so much to them, they need to be right.

Being on the defensive all the time about all your loved one’s complaints makes them feel inadequate and petty, which in turn leaves them feeling insecure. It does not matter that what they are complaining about is unrealistic, what matters is that the feelings they have as a result are real and they actually need an apology. Always remember that perception is a reality and even when the situation is misjudged, your loved one’s pain is real.

The art of compromise

In any relationship, both parties need to develop a finer appreciation for the art of compromise. You can not expect to get your way all the time, not as a parent, child, sibling, friend, or lover if the relationship is to grow and develop. You need to learn to see things from the other person’s point of view and try to understand why they want what they want.

Insisting that things be done your way will make you appear controlling and superior, something which will make the other person start to resent you. Find a middle ground that will make both of you happy with the situation and not harbor feelings of resentment and grudges. It is not that you should agree on all things but rather you should discuss all the possibilities and find the solution that is comfortable for you both.

Most importantly

Before you embark on the journey to try and deal with a troubled love relationship, you need to figure out if the relationship is worth fighting for. With a child, the relationship is always worth fighting for and it is best to start early and not to let it develop into something dangerous, as we well know all children deserve parents who love them and protect them.

On the other hand, a relationship which involves any form of abuse whether spousal, friend, sibling or parent should be discarded. As always, my opinion on this issue remains the same, when a person who is supposed to love you deliberately hurts you, then it is no longer love and you should move on. Love does not hurt!
In conclusion, life is love, go save yours before it is too late.

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