How You Could Fight “Distance” in Love?

Anyone involved in a long-distance relationship could tell you that juggling work and personal commitments can get very difficult. Love can happen anywhere, and one can certainly not estimate the beginning or end of love. So whether it is about falling in love with someone on a vacation or with someone who is in town but will soon be shipping out, cupid strikes whenever he wishes to.

Though flying to visit your love may seem like a “sweet love story,” the story may turn bitter with fallacies like unfaithfulness, boredom, incompatibility, etc. creeping into a relationship. If you don’t want this beautiful love story to turn into a disastrous nightmare, you need a lot of patience and guts to continue the relationship.

How You Could Fight “Distance” in Love?

Many experts are of the opinion that most people desert their long-distance relationships because they give up or lack the willingness to go on. Couples forget the quality time they had before they separated. Remembering that will help keep the romance alive even when you are apart.

Suggested keys to keeping your relationship alive when you are at two different ends of the world are listed below:

  • Define Where Your Relationship is Going:

The first and most important thing is that you need to identify and discuss with your sweetheart is where your relationship is going. For example, is it just friendship that you want to pursue further? Is it a lifelong commitment? Is it convenient? These boundaries need to be identified and realized by both partners. A clearly defined relationship can eliminate expectations, heartaches, and misunderstandings.

  • Honesty is the Best Policy:

Being honest implies that you should be able to discuss almost anything and everything with your love—for instance, your sex life. These are very intimate choices and can be shared with none other than your sweetheart. Being honest will help in understanding whether you both are emotionally and physically connected or not. More important, being honest with your partner is all about being honest with yourself and your own feelings.

  • Practice Patience:

The next most important thing that can bind a long-distance relationship is patience. This can be the toughest of all keys in keeping a long-distance relationship alive. The best way to tackle boredom or loneliness is to get occupied in some productive work like volunteering with an organization, doing household chores, gardening, etc. Don’t ruin your relationship across the seas with your unfailing whining and unrealistic demands just because you are missing your sweetheart or because you’re bored being alone.

  • Encourage Your Partner:

People in long-distance relationships believe this works wonders for them. For instance, make your partner feel more loved and cared for by asking him or her about school, family, work, etc. Then encourage your sweetheart at what he or she does best. It’s nice to hear, too, that your partner can communicate so well with your kids, play basketball, and help with homework. All this can make you feel happy, too, even if you cannot be part of the moments shared between your kids and your sweetheart. Encouragement and praise work like a helping hand even through an e-mail. Most important, ensure that you always smile while talking to your loved one over the phone. A smile can be comforting both for you and for your partner too. So make sure you sound happy and loving when talking to your partner.

Living separate is not easy. It can be the most sorrowful days of your life, but patience and commitment can keep you sailing smooth till the end when you two can live together forever. Remember the idea is to “fight” to keep together. Clarity, honesty, patience, and encouragement can show you the light at the end of the dark tunnel only if you want to be led that way. So keeping the desire alive to nurture your long-distance relationship can earn you togetherness someday.

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