Why Do People Fall in Love?

Love is one of the most intense and most passionate emotions that a person feels for another. For some, like a true aphrodisiac, it has the most potent healing touch in it, while for others it strikes like a curse bringing nothing but doom. If taken in the right dose, love can elevate a weak person from nowhere and can make him seem worldly-wise. On the contrary, love can make a strong person act like a complete idiot, making him or her do foolish things that he or she would otherwise think impossible or simply crazy to do.

Love is beautiful

There are those crazy people who find the craziest moments and the craziest reasons to fall for some crazy person they love. Who knows? They might find their true love in that person. This is what makes life’s moments so special—doing the craziest things without a care!

Motivation behind falling for someone

People have a general desire for belongingness because it comes with a sense of security. Our searching for a partner is often guided by a strong desire to be recognized by someone, to be liked and accepted as we are as a person, and finally to be understood by the same person. Once it is done, we all consider ourselves more effective and more complete. Love gives us this feeling of completeness and satisfaction.

Factors that make a woman appear attractive to a man

What exactly people look for when they fall in love is still a mystery. But various studies have shown that men often find a woman more attractive if she possesses good physical symmetry. Men perceive such women as healthy, as well as bearers of good genes for their progeny.

Factors that make a man attractive to a woman

Studies have shown that when a woman considers a man as her prospective partner, more than his physical attractiveness, what she looks for is an understanding companion who she can depend on, who will be suitable to be the father of her children. For her, reliability and companionship are the key factors. Others may have different opinions about it. Some women look for kindness and intelligence in their men too.

Time for falling in love

According to statistics, people very rarely fall in love at first sight. Mostly, they fall in love with people who they have known for some time. While falling in love is accepted in some cultures, in others, it is not accepted at all.

Opinions differ on when the most ideal time to fall in is. For some lucky people, love comes even at eighty, while some unlucky few continually miss the most opportune times to fall for someone special. To lovers, every moment is precious to fall in love, over and over again.

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