Is Jealousy Necessary in Love?

Ask yourself: wouldn’t you feel awful if your partner never questioned anything about you? Well, the “questioning game” that couples play in a relationship is just a sign of making themselves feel secure. Experts opine that jealousy is important or necessary in love. In fact, jealousy is considered to be the building brick to a faithful and healthy relationship.

What is Jealousy?

Whatever way it is expressed, jealousy is the drive that keeps partners from drifting away from each other by increasing their watchfulness over each other. It automatically ensures more care, attention, and affection. Jealousy, therefore, means commitment to the relationship that helps keep the bond alive for ages to come.

Differing Grounds of Jealousy

After having carried out an extensive survey of men and women located in the United States, the Netherlands, Zimbabwe, Germany, Korea, and Japan, experts from the University of Texas confirmed that while men were more upset with the sexual diversions of their partners, women were more worried with the emotional detachment from their male counterparts.

So whether you’re a man or woman, it can get really painful to see your partner fading away from you on account of emotional strife and detachment or just due to meaningless sexual interactions.

Mom’s Baby, but Dad’s Maybe

Evidence also shows that the disloyalty of a wife crushes the opportunity of a man to produce his own kids. Instead, he may be at risk of raising someone else’s child. Women never undergo this problem because they are the biological mothers of their kids.

Our ancestral mothers, as experts claim, also continued to attract partners in order to raise and protect their kids. In fact, inspite of sexual dissatisfaction, mothers are curious to know whether her man loves her or not. While a meaningless extramarital affair may not cause a man to leave his family, an emotional attachment with another woman can leave him at risk of abandoning his wife and kids.

How Does Jealousy Help a Relationship?

Experts opine that jealousy is a result of our productive past. Many believe that jealousy helps in the ultimate goal of restoring a relationship, and it does so by warding off potential rivals.

Though jealousy can arise due to different reasons, the reactions of both men and women are quiet the same. For instance, jealousy is perceivable in the following forms:

  • Devilish glares
  • Threatening words and/or comments
  • Violent or dangerous gestures against rivals

David Buss, a professor from the University of Texas, says that jealousy is not a sign of immaturity but a “supreme passion” that helps people cope with potential threats in their relationship.


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