Confused Between Love and Looks?

One of the most common dilemmas in love is knowing whether you’re in love with someone’s looks or whether you’re actually love struck. It is possible for a person to be love struck every now and then. But how, then, does a person relate to what can be called love? Love doesn’t happen with the wink of an eye, though attraction could be something that happens upon seeing a person for the first time.

What is Love?

What confuses us most then is knowing what is love or when does love really happen? Well, upon first meeting someone, you could be impressed with their ideas, thoughts, looks, or eyes, but love begins to set in when you get to know the person more closely, that is, you meet often, talk often, and then get to know each other really well. At that juncture, you are able to really decide for sure whether he or she is the person you would be looking for in a long-term relationship or not.

Love is multi-dimensional and may mean different things to different people. However, what cannot be refuted about love is that love is all about sharing and caring for that one person for the rest of your life.

When Do You Know That it’s Love?

Well, people’s experiences tell that infatuation or attraction eventually fades away with time. However, love is something that isn’t outgrown so easily. The desire to know and learn more about the person or the mere need to be together is what you can call love. However, the need to know somebody better can also mean friendship, which can best be identified by you.

Appreciating good looks is not bad at all, provided you don’t give the wrong vibes to people. Understand your own instincts. However, every relationship needs time to build. So consider giving yourself and your partner a little more time to be able to decide whether it is the looks you love or the person you love.

The fact that love goes beyond looks and can be felt even when the person isn’t too good looking is indisputable. So if you’re floored by somebody’s looks, you would need to reconsider your priorities to convert the attraction into true love or limit it to just plain friendship.

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