Should You Stay or Leave Your Partner?

Well, this could be one of the most important decisions of your life. Irrespective of how long you’ve been in the relationship and how many compromises you made or didn’t make, it all comes down to one decision—will you stay or will you go? Difficult, ain’t it?

Your past relationships may have opened your eyes to many things. Take time out to discuss some vital questions with your partner and see where you two end up.

Five Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before You Decide to Quit or Stay

Listed below are five crucial questions you need to ask your partner and yourself in order to decide whether you should stay or leave a relationship:

Why do you want to quit?

The first question that you and your partner should discuss is whether you are tired of the relationship or not and on what grounds are you really calling it off? For instance, when the going gets tough, many people want to just run away. Instead of taking the escapist route, try solving the issue with your partner as far as possible. Don’t just leave because you fight often. However, if the scene gets too unbearable, then it may be wisest to opt out.

What is the real reason for wanting to leave?

Couples often tend to suppress their real problems in a relationship. You would need to identify the real causes for either staying or giving up on a relationship. An irrational decision on grounds like not sharing the same interests or fading passion is a plain excuse that could ruin the love you’ve nurtured for so long.

What are your priorities for staying in or leaving a relationship?

For instance, what are the things which mean the most to you that will actually help you in deciding whether to stay or leave a relationship—financial stability, kids’ education, health, etc? Another example would be if you want to pursue studies (which tops your priority list) but cannot on account of marriage, then you would need to assess your needs more carefully—like the need for your kids, home, etc.

How would your decision affect other relationships?

Next would be to consider the relationships around you. A breakup for many can be a devastating experience for others, and even more so if you have kids. So evaluate the repercussions of your decision to quit or stay in a relationship upon your kids, family, and friends before taking the final step. At the end, however, the decision should be yours and yours alone, together with the consensus of your partner.

Is there any reason or chance for the relationship to survive?

Finally, close your eyes and think of just one simple scenario that can heal all wounds and get you back on track with your partner. The idea is neither to suffer nor to run but to enjoy the togetherness. So even if it is the worst of circumstances, give yourself a minute’s time to think of that one moment you can’t live without your guy or gal.

Introspection could open your mind and heart to many things or moments that have gone by unnoticed either by you or by your partner. Establishing the significance of these moments can help you decide whether you should stay or go away from a relationship. So instead of looking to others for help, look within yourself and you’ll certainly find a way out of trouble and doubt.

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