How to Approach a Woman and Not Get Rejected

Rejection is hard to bear whether you are a woman or a man. Making friends with a woman can certainly be difficult because you are oblivious to her present relationships, her thoughts, tastes, etc. Though sometimes things fall into place just by themselves, on other occasions you need to really give it a thought as to how to approach a woman and not feel rejected or dejected by her.

Tips to Approach a Woman and Maybe Get Lucky

Listed below are practical tips of how to approach a woman without annoying her in the least:

  • Look for Hints That Say She’s Interested in You:

This could certainly be a boosting factor for you to approach a girl or woman. Do not assume that a woman is single if she is seemingly alone. She could be engaged, married, have a boyfriend, and may not be flaunting the ring for whatever reasons. Instead, look for positive hints coming from her like a smile, eye contact, etc. that should tell you that it wouldn’t be so bad to approach her for a word of conversation.

  • Gather Some Guts:

Yes, if you want to know how she feels about you, then you need to gather some guts to walk up and strike a conversation. A direct approach means you need to prepare yourself for the worst, which is to say that you need to build a heart of steel so you can face rejection if she isn’t interested in you. Rejection is for the brave hearts to face, so if you’re mentally and emotionally prepared, then it won’t be quite as painful.

  • Offer a Casual Invitation:

If she works at the same office, invite her over for a casual cup of coffee or leave a note inviting her for one. If she accepts your invitation, then she is interested in some way or the other, which is for you to discover in your later meetings. If she doesn’t, it shouldn’t be that embarrassing as being rejected to your face because it was a plain casual cup of coffee that you invited her for.

The above are the most feasible ways to going about and confronting a lady. Just remember that like the flip sides of a coin, either she’s going to accept or reject you and nothing more. So whether she accepts or rejects you, you still have your entire life to look forward to. So read the hints correctly, work on your confidence, and start with a casual invitation to approach a woman and maybe get lucky!

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