Is Your Date Interested in You?

No matter how much time couples spend eating out or talking over coffee, people may ask themselves “does he love me? Is she interested in me?”  Even though your date may be smiling, they may be   waiting for the day to end quickly.

If you want to know your date’s true feelings, read the subtle hints that they may be reflecting through gestures, a smile, or words. A little gesture could be sending positive signs of an intense connection between the two of you.

Is Your Date Interested in You?

  • Listed below are a few signals that can tell you whether or not your date is interested in you: Your date mentions your name more than once:

Your date repeats your full name or calls you by name repeatedly to establish some level of comfort with you. Experts say that its a way of showing enthusiasm and interest in the other person.  It is a way of saying “Give me your attention.”

Squinting and smiling:

  • Another gesture your date could give you is a squint followed by a smile. This indicates that your date is looking to learn more about you. It’s an unconscious gesture that can open a world of opportunities for great connection between the two of you. Your date expresses curiosity and wants to know “why” or “how”:

If through the course of your conversation, you realize that your date is asking questions, like why and how, it shows they want to know more about you.  Then you know your date is not just making polite conversation but is taking a deep interest in you.

  • A Sudden Silence:

At some point, your date may become quiet. Don’t call off your date because you feel that he or she is not interested.  Do not get defensive or hurt if your date becomes quiet.  They may be pondering on something you said or imagining the two of you together. So think positive!

  • Your date uses the word “you’re”:

You know your date is interested in you when they keep saying “you’re awesome,” “you’re funny,” “you’re cute,” and so on. Showing admiration for your date can be difficult and happens only when you’re in absolute awe of them.

  • Your date gives a token at the end of the day:

If your date gives you a token at the end of the day, it means that they enjoyed spending time with you. Experts say that a gift, in the form a rose, phone number or kiss, is a way of saying “remember me” or “remember this beautiful moment.” A token is a clear indicator of remembrance, thereby giving you hope for greater chemistry, connection and bonding in the future.

If you can read the signals, you will have all answers at the end of your date. Just remember to ask yourself one question – “Did you enjoy the day?” Even though it matters if your partner is interested in you, it is even more important to understand your own happiness.


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