When Do You Know That He’s Wrong for You?

This could be the saddest thing to face when you’re seeking out love and a steady relationship. Deborrah Cooper, a popular relationship columnist, says everybody wishes this person is the one and that it will work out. Of course, there is nothing wrong in believing this. The only problem is the tendency to overlook subtle signs that say he may not be “the one.”. This usually happens when women are blinded by the “want to acquire his love instead of focusing on whether he is the guy they could love.”

7 Red Flags That Tell You He’s Not the One

Listed below are 7 subtle hints that reveal that your guy is not the one::

  • Not Available:

Cooper explains  on many occasions when he says  he is seeing another woman or is about to leave his current girlfriend, then he clearly means he’s not too sure about you. Instead of stepping out, women always make the mistake of competing with the other woman to prove that she is the better choice.

  • Not the Boyfriend-Type:

Women tend to overlook this statement but it should be considered. If he comments that he’s just passing time or having fun, it shows that he’s not the boyfriend-type. Even though men easily reveal how they are, many women make the mistake of thinking they can change them, says Cooper.

  • Doesn’t Answer Your Phone Call:

If you’re the one trying to make it happen by means of phone calls, this could be a sign that  he isn’t interested. In some instances, he may call you when he’s working or only when he feels like it.  Then its clear he’s just making time for himself and not you

  • You’re a Secret Lover:

Next hint that should be enough to make you realize that he is not the person for you is when he treats you like a secret lover.  When he doesn’t introduce you to his friends and never allows you to visit him, it could mean that you are a secret lover.  Keep your eyes open for signals that indicate he’s separating you from other aspects of his life.

  • Always Makes You Pay:

You’re not the kind to let your guy pay for all the treats, but how can you tolerate it each time? If your date is not interested in sharing expenses or showing chivalry then he may not be the guy for you.

  • Makes You a Bed Buddy:

You know he’s not the one for you when he uses you for pleasure and doesn’t show interest in getting to know you.

  • Hung Up On Past Relationships:

The final hint would be to note the number of times he talks about his past affairs. How effectively do you think he can make a new beginning with you without having resolved his emotional ties with the previous gal?

Deborrah Cooper says that we are so involved in reaching our goal that we forget the journey. Instead of wishing every guy is “the one,” we should try to understand whether or not he could be “the one.”!

It is easier said than done – sometimes the signs are obvious, but other times they are harder to find. Listen to your instincts because they could give you a sign or you could be the one raising the red flags!

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