What Upsets Women Easily?

Sometimes, men and women share a love-hate relationship. In other cases, couples become confused about their intentions but eventually decide everything is ok.  In order to find out what upsets a woman , psychologists have found a few traits in men that women may dislike.

Where You Need to be Careful. Be  cautious of displaying the following traits to avoid offending your date.

  • Weak-heartedness:

Many women like men who are emotionally strong and have a strong character..

  • Moving Too Fast:

Women can become uncomfortable if you show too much interest in her initially.

  • Calling  While She’s Busy:

Your girl can get upset if you call when they’re busy.  Even though she loves you, she may still get a little irritated, say psychologists.

  • Talking Money On First Date:

This is a topic nobody likes to talk about on the first date. For example, talking about the stock markets or investing in a Ferrari are off limits.  Starting a first date by talking about your wealth can be appalling.

  • Ignoring Her Feelings:

Sometimes men can be insensitive toward their significant other. Pay attention when she tells you about her interests or you could risk upsetting her.

  • Arrogance:

Women dislike men who are arrogant or self-centered. Being modest and willing to share and care is one secret to winning her heart.

  • Talking About Other Women:

Telling her about other women you’ve dated can make her uncomfortable.

  • Being Manipulative :

Trying to manipulate your date can be very upsetting to her.

Do not forget that a woman is looking to find a man she can depend on. Don’t rush things; give the both of you some time to decide if the two of you are compatible.

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