How to Deal With a Mr. Right Who’s a Mr. Broke?

Money plays a role in a woman’s life when she’s considering a partner for herself. However, a man with less wealth may score by having attributes like wit, warm-heartedness and attentiveness.  Does a woman let go of Mr. Right who is also Mr. Broke?  Dr. Tiy-E, author of “Secrets Men Keep,” claims that the relationship can work if the woman feels her man is worth the effort.  Here are a few tips to help the relationship survive:

Understand What You Can Expect: Before you become too serious about him, understand that he cannot afford the same luxuries you can.

  • Don’t Flaunt Your Riches:

Dr Tiy-E says you shouldn’t flaunt your wealth in front of him if you think he’s worth making the relationship work. Dr. Tiy-E also claims that if you make money a big deal, so will he.

  • Find Inexpensive Ways for Romance:

You can look for alternative ways for romance that don’t require spending much money, like a visit to a museum or park. Such meetings can be ideal for getting to know each other.

  • Settling Money Matters Beforehand:

If you’re really looking forward to making this relationship work then consider sharing the expenses.  Letting him pay for movie tickets while you pay for dinner is one option.

  • Don’t Pay His Personal Expenses:

Next most important thing is to avoid paying his personal expenses.  If he asks you to, he’s not worth the time and effort.

  • Don’t Force a New Job On Him:

You’ve chosen him because you believe that he’s Mr. Right, but do not try shifting his career. If you love him for who is and not for who he wants to be, don’t do this.  Dr Tiy-E says that you can’t turn a slow runner into a track athlete. But try to support him in reaching his goals like he would you.

  • Put Yourself In His Shoes:

Ask yourself how you would feel in a similar situation before you act.  For example, how would you feel if he judged you by your account balance? Love and accept him for who he is and support him no matter what.

Commitment should come only after thought and all the time you spend together. Give the both of you time to decide whether or not the relationship is worth the effort. Let money be one factor but not the deciding factor.  Could you spend the rest of your life with him?  Imagine if you lost everything.  Would he be enough to make you happy?

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