What He Says and What He Means On a Date?

Sometimes men can say one thing and mean another.  And sometimes the real meaning can easily be missed.  So how do tell whether he’s truly complementing you or desperately complimenting you?  Even though some may be harder to see than others, there may be another reason behind a man’s words.

How to Crack the Guy-Talk?

Here are some examples that explain the meaning behind what a man says:

  • When he says that he wants to hang out with you for sometime:

This is the safest way for him to ask a woman for a date because it prevents a bruised ego. If she accepts, he will know she’s interested.  If not, he can move on without getting hurt.

  • If he says that he likes your shoes:

Men find a number of ways to impress women.  One way is to noticed that pair of high heels you wore just for him. By complimenting your shoes, he’s showing you he’s a sweet guy with good taste for fashion.

  • When he says that he’s listening:

He really means “Why doesn’t she come to the point?” Men usually like to get to the point and don’t wish to run a marathon of words. The best way to engage him is to ask him questions that let him find with the solution or let him express his opinion. Don’t let the conversation become too uninteresting.

  • When he says that you’re too good for him:

If he says this, it could mean he’s not interested.  Most women misunderstand these words as words of praise but he is actually afraid to tread waters with you. Alon Gratch, a clinical psychologist, says that “Men don’t go places they’re afraid of.”

  • When he says that he’s falling in love with you:

If he tells you he thinks he’s falling in love with you, he wants to know if you feel the same.  He can avoid a damaged ego if his feelings aren’t reciprocated.  Men fall victim to their ego and use words like “think” or “falling”  to avoid feeling vulnerable..

Men use words as tools to help them make the first move.  Men can these words to tell women how they really feel without hurting their ego.  Hopefully the examples above help you in understanding what he means.

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