What’s Ideal for a Long-Lasting Relationship?

Experts claim that “monogamy” is the secret to a long-lasting, relationship. A survey conducted by Hearts on Fire, a diamond jewelry brand, on  1000 men and women  between the ages of 25-65 years showed that “monogamy” or staying with one partner  helps develop a strong bond between couples.

Nearly 92% agreed that monogamy was sexy and about 83% said that it was the best kind of relationship that two people could ever share.

How difficult is it to practice monogamy?

Both believing and practicing monogamy can be very difficult. Though many couples have no trouble making their relationship work, many split up due to fights and incompatibility. Although the survey shows that 85% people desire a monogamous relationship,  the National Opinion Research Center of the University of Chicago says otherwise. About 21.3% of men and 12.5% of women share sexual relationships with others outside their marriage.

Though 26% thinks that Hollywood portrays relationships in a positive light, the rest felt that Hollywood was the culprit for most of their failed or struggling marriages. The question is – Can we blame Hollywood for the mistakes we make in relationships?

What does monogamy mean to people?

The survey showed that about 62% of both men and women believe that monogamy doesn’t necessarily mean marriage. About 20% felt that monogamy meant faithfulness and marriage, whether they get married once or more in their lifetime. A meager 12% believe it’s about staying faithful in a relationship while 6% say that monogamy means being married to one person in their lifetime.

How can you cherish a monogamous relationship?

Everyone wants their relationships to work and last a lifetime but that’s not always the case.. Communication, understanding, empathy, care and passion are basic ingredients for a lasting relationship.

The survey also revealed that 57% of people surveyed believe that communication plays the most important role in any relationship. About 20% believe that spending time together is the secret. Around 13% say compromise is the way to a lasting relationship while 5% felt that intimacy plays a major role in staying together. Though the meaning of monogamy differs from person to person, it is a couple’s willingness to make the relationship work that can be the deciding factor.  Other factors revolve around this willingness to make the relationship work.  Letting your significant other know how you feel and what you want from the relationship can also be a factor.  But if the relationship reaches an end, don’t feel obligated to force it to work.  Sometimes the couple would be happier just to go their separate ways.

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