5 Signs That Say He’s Hooked Onto You

Its easy to misread signals your date gives you to say he’s interested.  But when you do pick them up, it may be hard to believe.  It’s perfectly normal to play safe to avoid getting hurt if he is displaying these signals.

5 Signs That Say He’s Hooked :

Listed below are 5 signs that will tell you he’s interested:

  • Less Physically-Focused:

A man who is more focused on getting to know you is giving you the sign that he wants more than just a physical relationship. Many experts believe that this shows he isn’t just physically attracted to you but is also interested in developing a bond. Don’t mistake this sign as a lack of interest or passion.

  • You’ve Met All His Friends:

Introducing you to his close family and friends is his way of “showing you off.”  He wants to share the joy of you with the others he cherishes in his life – it’s an official status that he is giving to you for becoming a part of his life. His thumbs are up and probably he expects the same from his friends too but it’s for you to realize that he is seeking for true love in you.

  • He Remembers Your Life Better Than You:

Does he remember little things like your favorite perfume or clothes your sister hasn’t returned? When he listens to you talk about your hopes and dreams and remembers details about you, you know he cares for you.

  • He Doesn’t Hang Out Often with Friends:

You needn’t blame yourself if he doesn’t hang out much with his friends. He just looking forward to a relationship with you and may prefer to go out with family, or other couples. It is a way of altering his lifestyle to best suit the needs of both of you. He cares about what you both want and what is happening between the two of you.

  • He Gets Protective:

When he walks you to your car at night or calls to make sure you got to work ok, he’s showing you how much he loves you and has made you a part of his world. When he acts protective, he’s telling you that he cares for your safety.

These are just a few signs that say that he’s hooked on you.  A few of them can be misunderstood while others are more obvious.  But all are sure signs that your guy is the one for you.

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