Incredible Mysteries about Womankind: How to Relate Better?

Most men, at some point of their life, become confused when they can’t make sense of their partner’s behavior. For women and men to relate better, men need a little insight into the female mind.

Mind-Boggling Mysteries about Womankind

Listed below are six mysteries about women that leave men wondering:

  • Why do women go to the bathroom in pairs?

Donna Spangler, who has authored “How to Get a Rich Man”, says that women primp in pairs because they want to compare views about their men.  When she and a friend leave the table for the restroom, you will be their topic of discussion.

  • Why do women always want men to pay?

Due to convention, men are expected to provide protection, status and money whereas women are expected to provided offspring, sex and support.

  • Why do women always ask if other women look more attractive?

There are two reasons why women ask this question – she’s secure but wants to know what turns you on or she’s insecure and wants reassurance from you. The most appropriate way to answer this question is to tell her she’s beautiful and you don’t need to look at other women.

  • Why do women love snuggling after sex?

Experts claim that for women, sexual intimacy means she’s giving herself to you. They feel a sense of emotional attachment and want to connect, share and get closer to feel more protected. The best way to do that is to snuggle close to their man after getting physically intimate.

  • Why do women always ask if they look fat?

What they’re looking for is reassurance or a compliment. All that you have to say is “No baby, you’re looking perfect”, because that’s what makes her happy and she doesn’t want to be told to lay off the sweets or fries.

  • Why do women always want their minds to be read by you?

She does this to find out how well you know her. She wants you to do the thinking just to find out if you care about her and the relationship. A lot of women are big-hearted and willing to do anything for their men.  But sometimes your girl may put out a signal saying she needs some time to decide if you’re the one she’s looking for.


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