Bringing Back Lost Love in Your Marriage

You know how much you and your spouse loved each other before your ‘love’ marriage. But things have changed between you and now you are worried about how the person you have known for so many years has changed. Well, that happens in so many marriages but there are ways to bring the lost love back.

Bringing Back the Lost Love, it Was Never Lost

Listed below are some ways to bring back your lost love:

Take your Step:

Do not hesitate to take the first step. Think for a moment. Is it only your spouse who has changed or is it you too? Before marriage it was only you and your lover. Now you have so many other factors like work pressure, your kids, in-laws, etc. Maybe while attending to these needs you have forgotten about the importance of your relationship with your spouse.

Not Sex it’s Love-Making:

Sex is not indicative that everything is going well in your life. Sometimes sex just happens more out of a habit than a desire or out of love. Add some spice to your sexual intimacy. A gentle kiss or an unexpected embrace can work wonders. These are just ways to show that you care. In other words, don’t take each other or your relationship for granted.

Your Special Someone:

Make your partner feel special. When was the last time you got your partner his or her favorite perfume or something as simple as his or her favorite chocolate? You can surprise your spouse just by giving him or her, for example, the first thing you had gifted him or her with when you just fell in love.

Surprise your Partner:

Remember the number of calls you used to make to your lover at the start of your relationship. You can bring back those days by prioritizing your relationship over other things and getting back to your old habits.

Lovers or Parents:

Being parents does not mean that all love is lost. Going out for a romantic dinner or a long drive or even a stroll can be both beautiful and meaningful. Your kids are your responsibility but they are not your only responsibility. Even kids love to have happily married parents. Only happy and loving parents can be good parents.

The Good Old Days:

If you do not want to do anything else you can just spend time together. How about recollecting the memories of your first date or of your marriage? Go through your old photographs or videos. Do this together; see and feel the difference it makes.

It is the same you and it is the same him or her you were madly in love with some time back before marriage. Listen to your heart; that is the most important thing to do. The marriage counselor knows less about your love; it is you who knows the strengths and weaknesses of your marriage best.

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