When Do You Know it’s Love?

Is there someone who makes you think only about him or her all day and night? Have you recently been bitten by the love bug? Not sure? Ask yourself some questions and you will get the answer right away. Find out for yourself whether the emotions you are going through are of love or if it is a mere illusion.

When Do You Know It’s Love?

Listed below are some ways to finding out when you’re really in love:

Infatuation or love:

There are times when you are just getting over a break-up and suddenly develop feelings for another person. Beware! Perhaps this individual is just filling up a vacuum in your life that has recently been created by your broken relationship. The feelings which are emerging might be of a temporary nature. So take your time and think it over several times before making any attempt to express your feelings to him or her.

Know him/her well:

A very important question that should be asked is – How long have you known this person? Love at first sight is nothing more than infatuation. Be realistic. It is of immense importance to know the person you love very well.

Initial reaction:

For what did you like the person in the first place? Is it good looks, social status, good personality or reputation? You may be initially attracted to all these but in order to love someone, you need to know the person from within. Carried away by the glamor, you might not know that he or she is not the kind of person who would get along with you.

Does he/she love you:

One thing to be doubly sure of is whether the person you are falling for is really interested in you or not because there is nothing more painful than unreciprocated love. Observe whether or not this person is frank, honest, open and most importantly happy to see you. He or she should be there for you when you are in need.

There is nothing better than a person who shares your beliefs, ideas, hobbies or thinking. However, that does not mean you can love a person only if these match. As long as the person respects you and your opinions you know you can go ahead.

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