4 Things You Need to Know About Guys

Do you have a tough time finding out what your guy thinks and feels about you? Men can be very unpredictable and you may draw wrong inferences from your guy’s behavior. It is better to know how to interpret guys’ actions before they baffle you.

Decode the crazy secret language your guy is conveying. Their actions may appear crazy to you but all guys act this way.

4 Things You May Not Know about Your Guy

The tips listed below will help you to know whether or not your guy really cares about you:

He has Introduced You to His Friends:

When your guy happily introduces you to all his friends then you can relax:this means the guy is proud that he has a girlfriend like you. He is completely comfortable in your company. When you have met all his friends (i.e. his office friends, college mates and his golf-mates) know that your guy has really taken your relationship seriously and has no problem declaring this to the whole world.

He Remembers Things About You:

Guys are often good listeners. However, that does not necessarily mean he will remember everything you say. If you find that your boyfriend knows your likes and dislikes more than you do, then know that he is not making that extra effort for nothing. He is head over heels in love with you.

He Becomes Your Daddy:

When you find the guy in your life has suddenly started to behave like your daddy, do not worry. It is only natural for him to want to protect you. He is just cautious lest you are harmed in any way. It is instinctive for men to act in this way so try not to take it as a dominating authority on you.

Less Physical Affection:

There is no need to hit the panic button if you see your guy making less sexual advances than he has previously. This happens only because he wants to bond with you emotionally. He is planning to build a life with you and wants to know you better.

Guys will only do all these when they are taking their relationship seriously. They lose interest in life outside the home with friends, because something inside tells them it is time for them to settle down. That little something is his love for you.

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