How Do You Know It is Time to Break-Up?

There are times when relationships fail. When you see your relationship going nowhere you cannot help but break up. However, breaking up does not mean dumping someone just like that without showing any consideration. Though it is difficult to end a relationship, it is not wise to hold on to it when you know it has no future.

How Do You Know It is Time to Break up

Given below are certain situations when it is better for you to put an end to your love affair than carry a useless burden of commitment which means nothing to you:


If you find out that your partner is cheating on you, it is time for you to call it quits. When one is in a committed relationship there is absolutely no scope for cheating. However, if you truly feel your partner deserves a second chance then go for it, but there are very few genuine reasons for cheating. Try not to carry on with a fractured relationship because in the long run it is not going to work.

Abusive Relationship:

If you are suffering in an abusive relationship there is no point allowing it to continue. Love is sacrifice but not sacrifice of your identity, individuality and self-respect. There are cases where victims think that their partner loves them even when they call them names or even hurts them physically. You should be an important part of your partner’s life where you have every right to have your own opinion and personality. If someone does not value you as a person he or she is not worth it.


Sometimes you may think you love someone but in reality it turns out to be infatuation or a mere physical attraction. Relationship based only on physical attraction does not have momentum to last for a lifetime. Good looks and charming personality are very superficial aspects of a person. In order to have a life partner you need to have an understanding of each other and loads of love and care.

You Love Someone Else

If you have started to love someone else, it is advised that you be honest and clear to your partner about that. He or she may not forgive you right away, but being honest is better than cheating on him or her. You are definitely going to hurt your partner by breaking up; however, cheating him or her will only make matters worse.

It is never suggested that you break up with your partner at the slightest provocation. However, in certain situations where love feels like torture then it is better to do end the relationship as both of you are going to suffer from it.

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