Learn to Interpret the Body Language of your Date

How about some unspoken conversation with your date? Perhaps she is shy about telling you she likes you when she flutters her eyes. Know that he wants to say that he loves you when he cannot take his eyes off you. Read the cues that your date unconsciously or consciously gives. This will help you to know how much he or she is into you.

No matter how much your date tries to hide his or her true feelings it is impossible for them to give up their body language. Decipher their actions and know them better. Do not hesitate to do some body reading.

Too Perfect is not Good:

If you find your date is too perfect in his behavior, then know he is trying to hide his real self. No one is perfect! Therefore, it is a good sign if one has an informal, slightly less ‘taken care of’ attitude. A little carelessness shows that he is opening up before you without any pretence.

He is too unkempt:

It is as unpleasant as being too perfect. Too much carelessness means you are not worth enough to him. If he had thought of you as his perfect match then he will make at least some effort to look presentable. But of course a guy can also be disheveled if he is the creative sort – then it is okay.

White faces are bad signs:

When you see your date is pale then it either means he is not happy with you or is about to burst out with grievances. Be prepared if you see this because it is a sign of an impending storm.


Hunching or slouching definitely means that your date does not have confidence. You decide whether or not you want an unconfident date.

Is your date acting Arrogant:

A person acts in this way only when he is not sure of himself. It is for you to decide how long you would continue with this dating session.

Your date is looking Elsewhere:

When you are on a date and your date looks at others this is sign that he may cheat you in the future. However, try sitting somewhere else and take notice of his reaction. If your date carries on with this it is better to return home earlier than you planned.

A Sweet Persistent Smile:

Note if this smile is plastic. If it is spontaneous then she or he is hooked on you but if it is forced then your date only wants to be courteous.

How Close are you Sitting:

Even if this is your first date with this person you could develop chemistry. Notice how close you are sitting. If you feel comfortable even when he is very close to you this means you are not intimidated by him.

The interpretations of these signs will help you to evaluate how successful your date was.

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