Dating Myths Busted to Help Women Date Better

They are certain myths that need to be busted since they come in the way of dating for so many women. Who knows how these myths that give women wrong notions about men with whom they are going out with have circulated.
They are simply stories which tell you that men cannot and don’t want to go out with women who are in some way ‘better than them.’ Men do have a complex nature, but all human beings have a complex nature, don’t they?
Dating Myths Busted to Help Women Date Better
Listed below are some busted myths about men’s nature to help women date better:

Older Women as Dates:
It is not a rule that a man will always like a woman who is younger than he is. However, it is true that younger women dress to kill and are more available for dating. It is nothing more than that so older women have no reason to worry because now you know the truth.

Do Men Cheat? :
It is not true that all men cheat. Women often believe that they are going to be cheated on the moment their guy is out of sight. This is too harsh a generalization. There are many guys who remain loyal to the girls they are dating.

Are Men Intimidated by Intelligent Women? :
Men are not afraid of intelligent girls; in fact, it is quite the opposite. Do you expect a guy to only look at you and praise your beauty and not have any conversation with you? Men might initially be attracted to physical appearance but ultimately it is your intelligence that will keep them hooked.

Are Men Intimidated by Successful Women? :
It is true that men are competitive by nature. However, that does not mean they would not like to go for a date in a girl’s Mercedes. Though there might be some initial speculation on the guy’s part, successful women do not pose threats to them.

Are Men Afraid of Commitment? :
The answer to this question should be ‘yes they are’. They are afraid of the institution of marriage. However, the fact is that at present it is the women who are more averse to the idea of marriage than men. Therefore, the blame cannot entirely put on the male gender. Very much like women, men too do not want to lose their freedom by marrying. Marriage is a burden of responsibilities which they try to avoid.

Can Men be Romantic? :
First ask yourself what is your understanding of “romantic”? Men are always complimenting on their dates’ looks, opening doors and fixing chairs, but if it is a costly gift that you want then it is your idea of romance. Bringing a flower or chocolate can be more romantic than a costly pendent.

Do Men Fall for Looks Alone? :
Looks are definitely a major attraction for men but not the only one. Sophistication and self-confidence are more appealing than mere looks.
With all the dating myths busted you know how to handle your date better and you also know what he looks for in you.

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