5 Different Types of Guys for Dating

If you are the “trying-out” type you will love to know how to go on dates with different types of guys and what to expect from the date. After reading this you will have an idea of which guys to date and which are the ones you had better avoid.Who knows! Maybe trying out different types of boys will help you better understand the meaning of love.

5 Different Guys for Dating

The Mama’s boy:

Initially you may be put off if you find him talking only about his mom all the time.There might be times when he will invite you home where his mom is constantly present throughout your date. This definitely raisesa problem.You would not be able spend time together with your date and really not know him as a person.

You will Learn: The guy is at least better than those guys who do not care about the most important woman in their life. You may also feel the importance of attending to your own mom sometimes.

The Unattractive Humorist:

He doesn’t have the looks, but his funny jokes will work wonders if you are really stressed; one who makes the most commonplace situation a hilarious one only to see you smile. That is certainly romantic – so much that you might forget his looks and knowing that he is a good person would be enough for you.

You will Learn: Looks are superficial. It is the person within that is much more important than mere looks. You will learn to stop judging people from their looks alone.

The Workaholic:

His dedication would impress you in the beginning. However, he may leave you in the middle of the date when he gets a phone call from the office. More heartbreaking is that he is not the type who would manage to take a vacation by cutting down on his working days.

You will Learn: Your date’s hard working nature might prove to be infectious and youmay also learn how to love work. Eventually you will end up realizing the value of green notes.

The Foreigner:

You will learn about his culture and eating habits; it would be an adventure of sorts. You can ask yourself if cultural differences can be an obstacle in a relationship. You will lose your prejudices about the ‘other’.

You will Learn: Emotions transcend the language barriers. If you develop feelings for the person you will learn nothing can come between two people truly in love.

Your Class-Mate:

Dating a friend from school can be really cool. Both of you can recall the bygone days and cherish many prized moments. Maybe you had never given a thought to dating him back at school but now he has changed into a likable person. Who knows! He may turn out to be the man of your dreams.

You will Learn: Life is unpredictable. You don’t know what is in store.

Don’t hesitate to try dating all types. After you have done it you will find out which one suits you the best.

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  1. this is a very interesting article,an enjoyable read.the’you will learn’segment provides a very positive insight.i particularly liked the ending!!

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