How to Express Your Feelings of Love

It does not matter whether you are just dating this person or have been seeing him for a long time; there is always a need to express your feelings. It may also be the case that you are married; still you need to express how much you care about your partner at least sometimes. Don’t leave everything for a Hallmark to say. It is always best to express your feelings yourself.

Express Your Feelings of Love

Are you among the ones who don’t know how to write, where to start or where to end? The following tips may help you in expressing your feelings:

Hand-written Note of Love:

Writing a letter by hand always carry more weight than an e-mail. The gesture is simple, yet powerful as that would mean that you made the extra effort only for the sake of your partner. Try to avoid cross-outs in the letter you are writing. A foolproof way to do that is to first write a draft, revise it and then make the final copy.

List your Feelings:

If you have trouble turning your emotions into vocabulary then list down what you like about your partner on a piece of paper first. After you have done that that, start forming sentences and finally write why and how much you like these attributes in him or her. You will see that you have written what you want to convey.

No Clichés Please:

If you incorporate clichés in your note it will make your special person feel ordinary. Find new ways to tell your partner what is so special about him or her. This will ensure you have written what you really feel about that person.

Include Specific Details:

If you like when he plays with kids or how she is paranoid about her cooking, then mention in your letter that you like it. Your attention to every detail of what this person does will definitely impress your partner. Also that you notice and adore who she or he is as a person will say how much you care about this person.


Your partner will love it when you mention all that you have done together in the past and how these memories have a very special place in your heart. This will make your partner look back at these events and cherish them. Your partner will realize that the relationship is truly special.

Don’t Forget the “Thank You”:

Thank your partner because they mean a lot to you. Though you don’t say it always, you are always thankful to your partner, aren’t you? So, it is a good idea to mention this in your note.

If you wanted to say all these to him or her then through this letter you have said it all. Don’t be surprised if after reading this he becomes all mushy or she is on the verge of tears.

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  1. Great Blog, I think one of the most important things in any relationship or friendship is to express feelings. When you are with someone who can’t open up it’s like you can’t trust them.

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