How to Tell When Your Date is Not Interested: For Women

Don’t deceive yourself and think that your date can NEVER leave you. It is better that you interpret the clues that say he is no longer interested. We often take certain words and phrases lightly; refuting them as jokes or saying, “he really didn’t mean it.” It is not advisable to take danger signs so carelessly.

How Do You Know When Your Date is Not Interested

People let out signs consciously or unconsciously showing that they are not really into you. The sooner you pick up those signs, the better it is for you. Listed below are some of these:

He is Not There:

Does this happen all the time when you call him? Is he always busy? Compare the situation with your previous dates and see the difference. Does he avoid answering the phone or just forget to call back? If he gets irritated when you ask why he was not available, there might be something wrong. Try to find out if he is doing this to avoid you.

Repeats the “Danger” Words:

Is he the kind of guy who never gets tired of saying how much he is not the “committed type”? This is okay only when you are dating him and without expecting any commitment on your part either. Never fall for him seriously because he has already told you he won’t reciprocate your feelings.

His Secret Life:

Everything about him is very vague to you even after you have dated him for quite a long time. You really do not know who his friends or family are. These are really frightening.In fact, it may be that he does not want to make a real connection with you in any way.

You Pay the Bill:

If you find yourself paying the bill on the first date and the second date and the third date and this continues for a long time, it is a big warning for you. Sharing the bill is okay and it is also fine if you pay sometimes, but if it is always you paying then it is not okay.

It seems as though your date is just passing time with you and does not care about you. However, if he really cannot afford to pay for the dates, that is ok.

His Ex-Girlfriend:

You notice him bringing up the topic of his previous girlfriend in your conversations all the time. That definitely means he has not gotten over his previous relationship. This is a big warning for you that this guy is not ready for a new relationship.

Who are You? :

The guy remembers every little detail of what you wore or what you did while you were making out. He, however, does not care to remember that you have two siblings. You are just a bed partner for him! You should think twice about whether or not he is a worthy person for you. Would you still want to meet him the next time?

Of course, it always depends on you and what kind of guy suits you. You decide if these warning signs are ok with you.

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