Love is an Addiction

You must have heard Enrique Iglesias’ song– “May be I’m Addicted”. Do you feel the same when you think about love i.e. love as an addiction? If you have thought this, then you are actually correct! Love is an addiction because all of the emotions that love brings about in us are nothing but hormones in our body.

It may appear to be an exaggerated claim on the part of scientists who are eager to turn the most natural human feeling of love into chemical formulas. However, evidences do prove that they are not very far from the truth.

‘Chemical’ Love:

According to chemical terms, love is a combination of the genes we inherit and the influences in our childhood. We receive our first experience of care, concern and love from our parents. That is why the idea of love in our minds is beautiful, comforting and unconditional. Believe it or not, eventually we fall in love because of this nurturing experience and the signals let out by our bodies.

What Compels us To Fall in Love?

Will we find out what love really is? What is the science behind the feeling of love? How do our bodies make us fall in love? Find out:


Scientists have found that we tend to fall in love with people who resemble our parents. More amazing is the fact that we also have the propensity to fall for individuals who look like ourselves. An experiment conducted by a well-known Scotland scientist has revealed this. When asked to select a photo of the most attractive person (among many photos), his subjects picked up their own morphed photo without realizing it was their own.


When it comes to preferences of personalities the same logic works. We tend to look for people who have a personality similar to our parents. For example, we would be attracted to people who have the same likes and dislikes of our mother or mannerisms similar to that of our father.


The etymology of the word, “pheromone” comes from Greek words which mean ‘Carrier of excitement’. Howeverwe do still not know the amount that pheromones determine love and scientists are not really sure about its influence in bringing out love from within us.

In Animal Kingdom:

Pheromones or scents are very essential in the animal kingdom. Animals choose a mate with the help of pheromones. Humans too have their distinct smell found in sweat and urine. Scents definitely play an important part in love (considering how much deodorants and perfumes flood the markets) but scientists have not been able to find out the real function.

In Humans:

Through experiments what has been found is that when a person chooses someone from his or her sweat, that person has the opposite immune system to his or her own.

No matter how much chemistry or biology is applied to it, love will always be a human emotion first and the rest will follow.


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