4 Things a Guy is looking for in a Woman

We’ve all heard the joke that a woman doesn’t know what she wants but have you ever thought that this is also true for men? Men can be very confused, at times, about what they really want and what type of woman they should be with.  Often, what a guy wants is drastically different from what he thinks he wants.

A guy can easily be tempted to follow a girl for her looks and appearance but such actions do not mean he is planning to have a meaningful relationship with the owner of those pretty legs or lovely eyes. Men can think they want only beautiful girls to be their partners but in reality there are many other things they might want deep down.

4 Things in Women Men Look For:

Listed below are four things a guy is unconsciously looking for in women that they’d like a serious relationship with

·         Women who give a guy his freedom and independence:

A man can be totally turned off by controlling women, and have needed, ever since Stone Age times, to be allowed to make his own decisions, go hunt and be with the other guys.  So if he wants to go to that Match for the umpteenth time, Let Him, or Lose him!!  If you let him go, he will come back keener and closer

·         Caring not Nagging:

Men want to feel loved but there is a thin line between showing you care, and nagging.  It can be a habit to nag, and it will turn off a guy every time. Don’t micro manage him, give him the option, and discuss issues, don’t nag and whine.

·         Women with Attitude:

If a woman wants a serious relationship with a man then she got to be independent, confident and sure of herself in very positive non aggressive ways.  A woman that is submissive is in real danger of will boring the pants off the guy, offer no interest or challenge and will rapidly lose the guy’s respect.

·         Women and Seduction:

A guy make like the fantasy of easy sex and seduction, but in no way would he every respect the easy woman or trust her and choose to build a love relationship with her.  The woman who can be feminine and subtly seductive, without ever ‘throwing herself’ at a guy will fascinate and tempt him, whilst maintaining his respect and allowing him to gently fall in love with her.

Stick with these suggestions and love can become a reality…………….

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