Love or Marriage??

When people fall in love it might seem that that ‘marriage’ is an inevitability but the truth, however, is that they “consciously choose” to marry.  Increasingly these days, a couple in love with all their hearts, may opt to never get married – so there isn’t any hard and fast rule and that marriage is a ‘definite must’.

Does love have to lead to marriage?

This depends on the views and dreams of the lovers. If they think they should take that path they choose it, if they don’t consider it necessary they don’t.  Love is a different experience for each of us; each of us views it in a different way and it the decision can often be a religious or practical one.  Therefore, it is a decision that only each individual couple may make for themselves.

What is the role of love in Marriage?

There might be love without marriage and even historically marriage without love but in the West at least, marriage is thought to be only a result of loving each other.  Marriage can carry many strictures and rules, which need to be negotiated by each couple.  Basically it is universally thought of as a means of committing yourself to your partner with a desire for that to remain for the rest of their lives.  Oftentimes infidelity is a strict no-no in a marriage but sometimes couples will negotiate an ‘open marriage’ where they each agree to allow the other sexual freedom.  Fidelity originally had its basis in religious and moral thought, with many believing that a marriage where a partner undertakes clandestine love affairs is no marriage at all.

Then is it Love or Marriage?

All over the world in all cultures, in all societies some kind of a ‘marriage’ of life-long partners occurs. The marriage ceremony itself may be as little as the declaration by the father that he is giving his daughter for marriage to a certain guy (as in an African tribe) or as lengthy and formal as a full Western religious wedding, for example a Catholic Service or the British Royal Wedding.

Many people feel that the institution of marriage in society is nowadays under threat.  With the dwindling of religious belief, the increased access of resources for women and the reduction of stigma attached to divorcing or co-habiting, less and less people elect to marry.  However, one thing is certain, love and attraction will remain till the end of civilization because they are natural human emotions and instincts that long preceded societal rules and dicat.

So it seems the question is no longer ‘love or marriage’ but the more beautiful and meaningful ‘love and marriage’. After all, man himself, created the society as well as the institution of marriage.  If a person chooses to be with his or her lover for the rest of their lives, declaring through marriage society and human life can only benefit.

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