4 Ways of Saying “I am Sorry”

However strong and loving a relationship, it will, at times suffer from minor misunderstandings or small.   These are often due to outside issues, like money, or tiredness or sometimes ego issues.  It would be a terrible waste to destroy a relationship over such seemingly petty things.  The key, to recovering your relationship, developing long term trust and growing together is learn the invaluable skill of saying you are sorry when necessary.

4 Ways of Saying You Are Sorry

Sometimes, it is really tough to honestly take responsibility for a misunderstanding or issue between you.  However, if you try to be totally honest and just let the other person know how sorry you for are half of the issue, then your work is done and your partner will hold you in deep respect.   Listed below are some suggestions for saying you are sorry:-

Simply Write It:

Write it down on a piece of paper, frame it as a piece of art and place it in a place where he or she will notice. Making it special will make your partner feel wanted, probably make them smile deep down at the thought you went to and will speed up the resolution of the issue.

Write A Letter:

Write a letter explaining your apology simply and precisely.   Keep it short and to the point, so it doesn’t sound like sniveling and turn your partner off or angrier at you.

Use Stickers:

Attach a photograph to a prominent place, such as the refrigerator door, with a ‘sorry’ message on reminding your partner of the ‘good times’  as well as showing you are wanting to make amends.

Cook Up:

There is nothing more romantic than cooking your partner’s favorite dish in order to make him or her happy and show them that you care about them.  It doesn’t matter who cooks for who, but the effort and thought that counts here.  Make it special, with pretty candles and a big hug.

Nurture your relationship and ensure there are always more positive times than bad as research has shown that this is what makes a partnership stand the test of time, and don’t forget, that little arguments and issues are a ‘growing’ time, teaching you more about each other and give lessons the increase that increase the depth of your relationship, if you listen to the message.

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