How to tell if your partner is lying?

Want some free advice on how to spot your partner lying? Read this article for guidance on identifying falsehoods, simply by asking questions and interpreting your partner’s body language. You love your partner and have complete faith in him but that does not mean you have to believe every single word they say.  You don’t want to be made a fool of,  right?

Catch When Your Partner Lies Next Time

You need to train yourself to multi-task and be fully conscious of 3 things about your partner. Keep alert to the words they say, whilst recording both their body language and watching their eyes.  Don’t believe faithfully everything that is said.  Always apply your senses to know the truth for yourself.  Here are a few things to look out for:-

·         Too Much Convincing:

When your partner seems to be giving you unnecessary and excessive explanations, trying to convince you then you may suspect something fishy. Either your mate really thinks it’s important that you trust him or else he is a little nervous that something may be found out.

·         Eyes Do Speak:

When a person is telling the truth he will look straight in your eyes and do so. Another point to be kept in mind is that a person looks at his right if he is telling the truth and left when he is not. Only seasoned liars can look into your eyes and lie shamelessly. Note that dilated pupils mean that the person is lying. Just don’t listen to any excuses.

·         Repeat Questions:

If you suspect your partner then ask the same questions again a little later and see if the answers match.  You have to this with a little subtlety or your mate may feel ‘checked up on’ or thing you’ve a memory problem.!!   The best way around this it to pretend to have forgotten some of the details.  Truth is constant, so, if you ask these questions after some days or months the individual might go wrong only with the details not the whole story.

The trick is to study, watch, interpret and question in a non confrontational, natural friendly manner or it will come across as interrogation and suspicion.  These tips are not intended to make you suspicious but are for use, only when you believe you may be being lied to already, because without trust in a relationship there is nothing.

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