A Little Flirting Doesn’t Harm

Flirting is a safe way to convey your interest in someone.  It makes use of ‘body language’ clues that leave hints for the person you’re interested in, that you really like them without too much danger of looking silly if they don’t reciprocate.

A Little Flirting Doesn’t Harm

Given below are some top flirting tips. Not only can you use them yourself but learning them will allow you to spot them if someone does take a liking to you.

The several ways of harmless flirting are:-

·         Eye Contact:

Establishing eye contact is both harmless and simple; yet it is the most effective of all flirting techniques.  The eyes are thought to be the ‘window of the soul’ and to look into someone’s eyes is to truly connect with them.  Although it is a simple tip, it is likely to yield immediate results. You are definitely going to attract attention.

·         Fixing Hair:

Groom yourself or fiddle with your hair and clothes, whilst you are next to them and looking at them.  Fix your hair a bit or straighten and smooth your clothes.  Both the sexes try to show off the best physical attributes during the flirting process.  A little bit of exposes skin or a sexy relaxed posture will also work.  Whatever you do think, try to be subtle. Overdoing it makes you look desperate.

·         Radiant Smile:

A smile can work wonders. Smiling in a genuine way to attract a stranger but might not be a flirt tactic by itself.  If it is coupled with another ‘flirt tip’ it will clearly show the recipient of your intentions..

·         Touch him/her:

A little body contact goes a long way.   Research shows that if you touch their arm briefly but surely, above the elbow, they will be far more receptive to you.  Shake hands with the person if appropriate, or a gentle pat on the while talking or an ’accidental’ brush with them will all work.  However, be wary, DO NOT overdo this tip – it can come across as creepy and intimidating.

·         What Not To Do:

Those things to avoid are folded arms and ‘closed up’ or ‘protective’ body language.   Try to stay open, subtly mirror their body language and don’t get too ‘into’ their space.

Try these dating tips and see how well these work.


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