For Teens – Does She or He Like You?

He may really like you but never ask you out. She may stare at you throughout the whole lesson but avoid you completely outside.  You may start suspecting that your best friend has a soft spot for you.  Do you find yourself confused by this type of behavior?  Well, here’s the good news.  All these confusing signs can be interpreted with a little investigation.

For Teens – Does She or He Like You?

How do you know whether he or she is into you? The following tips will help.

Trust Your Gut Instinct:

You might think this won’t work, but your intuition definitely has a big role to play in telling you what’s going on around you.  Tune in to your first fleeting thoughts in any situation, and how your body responds – listen to what your ‘gut instinct’ says and you with practice you will get better and better and interpreting it.

They Tell Someone Else:

Your friends are often the first ones to inform that someone around you, likes you.   Teenagers will generally confide their affections and feelings for another, to their friends and this can spread like wild fire.  This may be the first way you hear about it.  Conversely, you may want to get the message to someone you like, and you can use your network of friends to let them know – a good way of making it know if you find you are shy and lack a little confidence.

They Can’t Stop Staring:

If the guy or a gal just can’t take their eyes off you, you can be pretty sure that you either forgot to take off your pajamas this morning when you got up, or they are rather interested into you!  The person will most like show their interest, by looking at you a little longer than normal, or by looking at you, quickly looking away when you look back, and then lifting their eyes to look at you again, and smile.  These are sure signs that you may be very appealing to them.

They Are Always Around:

When someone starts growing a liking for you, they will definitely seem to ‘be around’ more.  Only if he/she is brave enough will they enter your private space – maybe even touching you with a hug or kiss.  Even if they are the shy types, you will see them ‘just dropping in’ to places where you hang out – such as basketball or near the ballet classes.  They will often be rather more smiley when you are around.

Add Value To What You Say or Do:

You find them remembering your favorite color which you had mentioned last month. They ask you your take on a certain issue that’s important to them.  They laugh at your jokes even when you yourself find it not very funny, and they may drop into the conversation a question about whether or not you are dating.

So take note of these signs.  If you see them happening and you’re enjoying the attention, then it’s time for you to ask them out on a date if and they will be answering you ‘YES’.

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