How to Begin and End a Date on the Right Note

Beginning a date on the right note sets the stage for a successful connection. The primary purpose of dating is to get to know each other through honest and personal conversations. For those who are intimidated about sparking a lively and productive conversation with a complete stranger, these tips will help turn your date into a success from start to finish.

How to Begin and End a Date on the Right Note

Here are some tips for conversations which will create meaningful and lasting connections:

·         How to Start:

If you don’t know where to begin, it is wise to prepare some conversation topics beforehand.  Starter topics do not have to be lofty or philosophical. Act naturally and, if all else fails, discuss things you observe, such as the crowd at the location or something that happened on your way to the date.

·         How to Continue:

After you have sparked an initial conversation, you are confident and can move on to the next stage. Let the conversation flow naturally from one topic to the next without any abrupt changes. If the discussion stalls, mention a more current topic, such as a movie you’ve seen recently. Smile throughout your date, and take interest in your partner’s comments. Pause each time your date wants to respond or add something.

·         How to End:

A successful date ends with the possibility of another date in the near future. End the conversation gracefully. Exchange your contact information. Say “Goodbye” or “Goodnight” wistfully, and convey that you are happy to be acquainted.

If these three steps of conversation are successful, you have had a memorable date.

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