To Know Your Love Is True

Is ‘True Love’ just something for fairy tales that never seems to come true for you?   Well here’s some news for you.  Out there, somewhere, is that special someone who is able to fill your life and world with happiness.   But……… how do you know when you’ve found that perfect person?

To Know Your Love Is True when

There can be many times when you fall head over heels in love and start to think that this is the one relationship you had been searching for.  Then something happens, or you find something out about the person and you soon realize that you were wrong.  How can you know for sure that this is your last and final relationship?  Below are some tips to help you find your answers:

·         Don’t Have Regrets Over The Past:

Even when you have already gone through a number of painful break-ups don’t think that you will never find your true love. Try to treat it positively and see what had gone wrong.   Use the knowledge to learn and improve yourself and what you truly want from a relationship through though analyzing what you didn’t get from precious ones.   This will be invaluable information for making a better choice next time.

·         Does He or She Make You Happy:

When you find yourself always happy and smiley when you see your prospective partner, you can be sure that you feel a lot about them.  A relationship should not make you feel down, unhappy, depressed, insecure or mistrusting in any way this is not what you want for the rest of your life.

·         Compromise or Sacrifice:

How many compromises do you find yourself making?  Do you feel happy to compromise and feel that your partner is giving equally as much?  Or does that compromise leaving you feeling a little used, or that you are making a sacrifices too often?  A seriously good relationship is built on both partners giving equally of themselves over time and respecting the other’s generosity.  If too many sacrifices are being made from either party, this will slowly become an abusive and unhealthy relationship to be avoided at all costs.

·         Pressures From Outside:

There are factors outside your relationship such as both partner’s families, their friends and work colleagues.  Often we forget how important these are in our individual lives and if these people outside the relationship, have strong opinions and voice them loudly and often, then the pressure may be responsible for breaking up the couple.  Please give this serious thought if this is the case in your life.  Are you strong enough to ignore it together or will it erode your relationship over time?

True love is being there for each other through thick and thin and being able to rely totally on each other.  In the West, the concept of ‘true love’ is highly romanticized due to fairy tales and pop songs, but with little adjustments, and lots of love and understanding, your relationship can turn out to be near perfect.

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