Can You Love Two Individuals Simultaneously?

While it is scientifically possible to love two people in a romantic way at the same time, maintaining a loving and trusting relationship with both is not.  If you are in a committed relationship, and you find yourself tempted by another, below is a list of concerns to consider before pursing the affection of another. Can You Love Two Individuals Simultaneously?

Remember that loving two individuals at the same time means betraying both partners. Infidelity betrays the trust of a relationship. When temptation arises, reflect upon your current relationship for reasons why you may be drawn toward another. Some common reasons are listed below:

·         You Stay Away from Your Partner:

The adage, “Out of sight; out of mind,” could apply here.  When you are apart from each other for an extended period of time, it is possible to develop feelings for someone else. Important questions you should ask yourself include:

o    Are you trying to find your partner in this new person?

If so, you are still in love with your previous partner, not falling in love with this new person. This person might, in some way, remind you of your lover, thereby causing you to think you are falling in love. In actuality, you are still devoted to your partner.

o    Are you lonesome?

Loneliness may distort your judgment about a new individual in your life. Attention from this new person can make you feel attracted to  him or her.  Reconnecting with your partner can remind you that you are still loved and important.

·         He or She is Attractive:

It is natural to feel drawn to physical beauty; however, remind yourself that this is simply a momentary feeling.

·         Someone Falls for You:

When a likable person falls in love with you, it can be hard to say “No.” Remember that infidelity betrays two people at the same time.

Keep in mind that true love is something which is very hard to find. Once you have, consider the risk of chasing a whim or illusion.

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