Do You Avoid Fighting to Save Your Relationship?

Does a certain topic inevitably cause a fight between you and your partner?Are you avoiding an issue because you’re afraid that it might end your relationship? You might avoid the topic completely to prevent a confrontation.  Disagreements, if handled in a respectful and calm manner, are an integral part to a healthy relationship.  Below are tips to generate more effective communication in your relationship.


Do You Avoid Fighting to Save Your Relationship?

Do you find the number of topics which start a fight increases daily? It is not realistic to believe that you will be able to avoid all volatile topics throughout your life. In fact, the result of evading serious issues can be extreme. Silence and tension will grow between you and your loved one, leading to detachment and possibly resentment of each other. No one should have to live like this.

Useful Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • Look at your beliefs about love and conflict. Are you scared of a creating a major dent in your relationship? Does disagreeing with someone constantly mean hurting each other’s feelings? Running away from a problem will only exacerbate the situation; instead, you should face each problem head-on.
  • Do you limit yourself when you are with your lover? If so, you might be insecure about your relationship. Insecurities can prevent a relationship from attaining its full potential and can limit both you and your partner.
  • Is being honest wrong? Honesty is the first step to creating a trusting and loving relationship.

Ways to Resolve Conflicts:

  • Talk to your lover about your anxiety and apprehension. Always keep the focus on your own feelings; this is not the time to criticize or attack your partner. Each of you should listen intently to the other’s concerns in a respectful manner. Placing blame can exacerbate the situation and cause feelings of irritation or agitation.
  • Talk about issues as they arise rather than letting your anger and frustration build.  Discuss one problem at a time rather than trying to solve all of your problems at once.
  • Remember that no one is perfect. Learning to accept each other’s flaw will help minimize stress and conflict in your relationship.

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