How to be the Man of Her Dreams (PartII)

If you have read the previous article, you already know that a man has to be original, chivalrous and a gentleman in order to win the affections of a woman. Below are more tips to becoming the man of her dreams.

·         Be Cool:

A woman can tell if you are anxious or nervous.  Additionally, jealousy and controlling behaviors are not endearing attributes.  By maintaining control of your emotions, you will ensure that both of you are at ease during the date.

·         Be Mysterious:

By withholding some details about yourself, a girl will be intrigued by you and want to learn more about you.  For example, if you are a good singer, keep this a secret in the first few dates, and then surprise her by serenading her with the perfect tune.

·         Be Unattainable:

By having priorities other than your partner, you show her that you are accomplished and successful.  By being unavailable at sometimes, you send the message that you are not dependent upon her.  Furthermore, by participating in activities outside of the relationship, the time you spend together will be more valuable to each of you.

Good luck in becoming the man of her dreams.  You can read more tips about winning her heart in part I and part III of this series of articles.

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