How to be theMan of Her Dreams (PartIII)

After reading the previous two articles, you know to be an original, chivalrous, gentleman with a cool yet mysterious demeanor who has priorities outside the pursuit of her affection. Below are more secrets to winning a woman’s heart.

·         Be Unpredictable:

Predictability can be boring and unattractive. In order to pique her interest, do not do the same activities for all of your dates. Do not call at exactly the same time every day. By thinking of different activities to perform while spending time together, you will maintain the anticipation and excitement of your relationship.  The key is to always keep her guessing.

·         Be Independent:

Don’t be the sole pursuer; let her chase your affections too.  For example, let her make the first move sometimes, or let her be the first to call after a date.  She will appreciate and valuethe time you two spend together.  In fact, the thrill of chasing each other can enhance the connection formed between the two of you, creating a more lasting relationship.

·         Make Her Feel Attractive:

Make her feel beautiful by complimenting her physical features.  Take time to notice if she changes her hair or nail color.Sometimes, complimenting her natural beauty when she least expects it, such as after a work-out, can be quite romantic.

By following these tips, you can become the man of her dreams.

If you missed the previous tips, they can be found in part I and part II of this series of articles.

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