How to be the Man of Her Dreams

Women dream of the perfect man; yet, many men fall short of this status. Knowing secrets to a woman’s heart, a man may become her perfect mate. Below are some secrets to winning a woman’s heart.


·         Originality:

How can you be unique when it comes to dating? Take her for a bike ride or a game of Frisbee in the park, or take her to a place you hold close to your heart.  Schedule the date in a place where you can view the sunset, such as a rooftop restaurant or bar.

·         Be a Gentleman:

Listen intently to your partner throughout the night, and act in a polite manner, using respectful language when you speak. Offer her your coat or jacket if she is cold.  Ensure that she is comfortable throughout the date.

·         Be Chivalrous:

Chivalry is a conventional way to please a girl.  Open the door for her and pull out the chair for her when she sits down.  These acts will let her know that you are a caring and thoughtful individual.

These are three steps to becoming the man of her dreams.  For more tips, read the next two articles in this series, part II and part III.

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