Three New Ways to Propose to Your Girl

While the traditional method of presenting a ring while on one knee to propose to your girlfriend is not a bad idea, men are always looking for innovative, unpredictable, and romantic ways to propose.  Below are three novel ideas to captivate your future fiancée with passion and ensure she relishes re-telling the story of your proposal.

For the Adventurous Girl:

Is your girlfriend adventurous? Propose to her from the top of a mountain during sunset after spending the day rock climbing together. Her ecstatic answer will echo through the mountains and create a memorable moment for the two of you. If you do not live near a mountain range, you could also hand her the ring while scuba-diving or after a tandem parachute jump.

For the Tech-Savvy Girl:

Create a special video of yourself proposing to her, and email it to her or post it online. To optimize the effect, hide while she watches it, and then walk toward her with the ring outstretched when the video concludes..Try to keep it a surprise, or enlist some of her friends to be there with her when she views the video.

For the Outgoing Girl:

If your girlfriend is comfortable with a public display of affection, a public proposal would be memorable and special for the two of you. Book a romantic weekend getaway, and on your flight to your destination, have the captain or flight attendants to  assist you by making the proposal an announcement.  This works best if you are confident your girlfriend will say “Yes!”

Good luck and congratulations!

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  1. There are so many romantic ways to propose. Some people prefer a private proposal while others enjoy a very public proposal. Everyone wants their proposal to be an event to be remembered. A guy (or gal) getting ready to propose needs to consider the personality and interests of the person they are proposing to and make the proposal uniquely special.

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