Top Ten Ultimate Dating Locales (Part-I)

Want your first date to be memorable? Take her to unique, interesting places. Make your date one of a kind so that it guarantees many more future dates.

Top Ten Ultimate Dating Locales

Starting with number ten this is the ultimate dating locale guide:

Number Ten: Outdoors:

Give an adventurous twist to your first date. How about some scuba diving or trekking in the jungle? Before making this plan, ask her whether or not she loves adventure. Your date may freak out if she is not the adventurous type. Don’t keep it a secret if only for the practical reason that she will not want to go trekking in her high-heels and skirt.

Number Nine: A Shopping Mall:

This would definitely make her happy. You would come to know of her tastes. Women love to shop. You can never go wrong if you choose the shopping mall. Decide on the mall depending on your budget.

Number Eight: Skating Rink:

Go for a skate. If she does not know how to skate, you can teach her. This can really be fun. The slips and falls on the ice will only create sweet memories for the future.

Number Seven: Sporting Event:

Why a sporting event? Well, a sporting event will give you some privacy, even inside the crowd of strangers because there will be no one to disturb your privacy. The game will serve as a breather for your date.

Number Six: Breakfast Joint:

Who says you cannot go for a date in the morning? Sure you can, and after a yummy breakfast from a cool joint your date will think about it the whole day.

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