Top Ten Ultimate Dating Locales (Part-II)

If you have already read Top Ten Ultimate Dating Locales (Part-I) this will be your guide to the top five. So, bid adieu to the boring restaurants and cinema halls (which do not provide privacy or playfulness), and head to the locales listed below for the ultimate effect.

Top Ten Ultimate Dating Locales (Part-II)

Number Five: Amusement Park:

This setting is both new and exciting. How should you start? Begin with fun rides, and then get cozy in a Ferris wheel. You will find out if your date has a wild streak.

Number Four: The Park:

Plan a picnic in a park. Play Frisbee together and have fun. This dating locale will work for any type of girl you might take out. It will be relaxing and cheerful.

Number Three: The Zoo:

No, this is not a crazy idea. She has probably not been to the zoo for a long time. With all of the animal antics, you will have plenty to talk about.

Number Two: Bowling Alley:

A bowling alley provides an unusual date locale. No matter how bad of a bowler you are, you can make any place fun when she is around.

Number One:

Miniature Golf Course:

This date revisits childhood memories when you played golf for the first time on the miniature golf course. The game is slow, which gives you ample time to have a nice chat. This locale is inexpensive and easy.

Go ahead and have a memorable date. Good luck!!

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