Ways of Handling Nagging

Nagging is the act of annoying or irritating a person with persistent faultfinding, and it can put tremendous stress on a relationship.. Below are some tips to handle nagging in a respectful and healthy manner.

Ways of Handling Nagging

·         Understand:

Why is your partner nagging?  Perhaps, your partner is feeling neglected and is trying to be heard.   Perhaps your own behavior has triggered this reaction from your partner; for example, maybe you forgot to put up your dirty clothes after being asked.  By reflecting on your own behavior, you can better understand your partner’s frame of mind.  It might be time to schedule a special date for the two of you to reconnect.

·         Don’t Place Blame:

Before placing blame on your partner, reflect on your own actions.  Respond in a clear, calm manner, and refrain from escalating the situation.  Avoid insulting or blaming your partner.

·         Don’t Act Defensively:

It is best to discuss the situation using statements regarding your feelings, such as “I am sorry you feel that way; I forgot that you asked me to do that chore.” Avoid accusing your partner by refraining from using statements which include the pronoun “you.”  Such allegations can quickly escalate the discussion into an argument.

·         Be Honest:

When your partner begins nagging, calmly ask if the two of you could discuss the problem rationally.  During your discussion, tell your partner how nagging hurts you.  Ensure that both of you remain calm and collected during your discussion, and avoid using raised voices or hurtful tones.

If you treat your partner in a loving, respectful manner and avoid escalating situations to arguments, you can ensure that the two of you maintain a healthy and strong relationship.


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