How To Date An Individual Of A Different Faith

Each and every person is unique. Our upbringing shapes many characteristic features as individuals. Religion greatly influences us, especially during our childhood days.

The impact of a religion is life-long. But, that does not mean one should not date anyone from a different faith because of a few cultural differences. We just have to take care that we don’t hurt our partner’s feelings.

How To Date An Individual Of A Different Faith

Some specific challenges may arise while dating a person from a different faith. Here are some tips you need to keep in mind before you date:

  • If Your Date Is Christian:

Christianity includes more than a billion people. There are Catholic and quite a number of Protestant Church members. Don’t try to bring up the topic of which denomination of Christianity is better. Some, Christians take a vow of not to lose their virginity before marriage. There are a few who stick to the vow. Only date her if you are okay with that.

  • If Your Date Is Mormon:

Mormonism, an offshoot of the Christian faith, is not okay with eating or drinking or smoking substances that are not approved by the church. Gambling and partying are a no-no for them. So, plan a date that suits you both. Outdoor activities would be great.

  • Is Your Date Jewish:

Marrying outside the Jewish faith is much frowned upon by some members of this religion. As with many other religions, Jewish women face a lot of pressure if they choose to see a guy from another religion.

  • Is Your Date A Muslim:

In Islam, interfaith dating is quite a big challenge. It is a huge problem for a Muslim girl to date anyone from another faith. Rather, the concept of dating is forbidden and women are taught not to attract any kind of attention towards them. However, men don’t mind much when it comes to dating.

  • Is Your Date A Hindu:

Hinduism is humanistic and does not pose much a problem in dating. Some Hindus are vegetarian, so take that into account. Even non-vegetarians should not consume beef as it is the meat of the cow (which gives sustenance to humans through milk, hence it is respected), which is considered sacred by Hindus.

In spite of your many differences, there will be a common bond between you two. Try to find that bond as you date.

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