What She Means When She Says, “I Need A Break”

It seems like a real calamity when she declares that she needs a break. It does mean that you have to make microwave dinners for yourself, crying into a glass of beer. But how do you save yourself from such a situation? To get out of the situation, you have to crack the riddle of, “I need a break.”

What She Means When She Says, “I Need A Break”

Here are some tips to decode her thoughts:

  • Manipulation:

She might be doing this to manipulate you, especially if you are commitment-phobic. If you have feelings for her, you must give in to her demands. This is her way of making you do what she wants.

  • Independence:

She might be the independent type who is feeling stifled in the relationship. She really needs the break to renew herself. Try to find out what has gone wrong in the relationship. What is causing her to feel so stifled?

  • Modification:

She is upset with your behavior and would like you to mend your ways. “I need a break,” means, “I am fed-up with your manners.”

  • Breaking – Up:

The worst situation might be that she is talking of a break because she does not have the courage to say that it is all over.

Some things to do:

  • Ask her what the true reason for her decision is.
  • If she does not want to talk about it, then don’t force her.
  • Ask her how long she wants the length of the break to be.
  • Ask her whether you can date others or not.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst.

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