More Signs Saying She Is Not Interested

If you already know the obvious signs that tell you she is not interested from the previous article, then it is time to learn more:

  • She Finds Other Men Attractive:

In some ways, it is okay if she mentions that other guys attractive. This means that you are her buddy and she can share her feelings with you. However, it can also mean that you are her buddy and nothing more than that. Now, this is wrong isn’t it?

  • Making You Notice Others:

This would be a dangerous sign if the woman in question tries to set you up with other women. This means she is trying to dump you somehow and be free. Her message is loud and clear. Are you listening?

  • She does not Find you Funny:

You crack jokes for her and she looks blank, not even pretending to laugh. Remember laughing is a way of flirting, so even if the joke is bad, the girl will laugh at it if she is interested in you.

  • She doesn’t Care To Make Plans:

When she is vague and disconnected while making plans. she is definitely not very fond of you. This gives her the option to cancel plans with you in case some better option comes up.

  • She Cancels Plans:

The girl simply has no respect for you if she regularly cancels plans with you. It is fair to cancel a plan for legitimate reasons, but doing this every time is a bad sign. In case, she carries on, then you move on.

  • Her Perfect Man:

If she tells you about the man of her dreams who is drastically different from you, then it means that she is gently telling you that you are not the one. Though she may be wrong and actually end up with someone like you in the end, this time it is not you.

Better luck next time!!

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