Top 8 Factors That May Kill Your Relationship

This article gives the top 8 factors that can mess up a relationship. So, if you detect the problem areas before the relationship turns serious you can ensure smooth sailing to come.

Top 8 Factors That May Kill Your Relationship

  • Family and Friends:

Apart from your partner, the other important people in your life are family and friends. Make sure you maintain a healthy relationship with the people your mate considers important.

  • Stresses:

Money, children from earlier relationships, or issues concerning your past can be factors that cause stress. Apparently trivial domestic issues like, “Whose turn is it?” may turn out to be very serious problems.

  • Third Wheel:

A third person in a relationship is a major relationship killer. If this person happens to be an Ex then the situation can become very problematic indeed.

  • Annoying Habits:

Petty things like loud snoring or watching television can turn out to be major issues. One just needs to be considerate.

  • Different goals:

It is not realistic that two persons will always share common goals. However, when individual goals are too distinct communication can suffer. This lack of communication can definitely make the relationship suffer.

  • Past:

There are people who can’t let go of their past. No matter how much they try they cannot wholeheartedly embrace what the present has to offer.

  • Independence:

It is very hard to strike the right balance between dependence and independence. Being in a relationship certainly implies some kind of dependence on each other. However, if the personal space is being encroached on in the process then it creates a whole host of problems.

  • Cheating:

A relationship does not have any scope for cheating or infidelity. If you indulge in it even once your relationship can easily be destroyed.

If you are aware of these issues from the onset of your relationship major problems can be avoided in the future.

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