Top Three Signs Saying She Is Not Interested

When she rarely calls you or she flirts with other men, there may be something wrong with your relationship. There are a number of signs that demonstrate that girl is not interested in you.

Signs Saying She Is Not Interested

When do you know that it is all over and she is not interested in you? Here are some of the signs that you should pick up on:

  • Not Ready Yet:

When she says that she is not ready for a relationship, she means,“I am fed-up with you. You better stop asking me out.” This is a kind of escape route for women who think that speaking truthfully about their feelings might hurt you or who are just too cowardly to come out with it.

  • Stops Returning Calls:

If this is the case, then watch out, because this is an obvious sign that she is avoiding you. Either you are completely out of her mind or you are not important enough for her to call you. If she is busy, it is understandable a couple of times, but if this goes on without any explanation it might indicate she doesn’t care you.

  • No Physical Intimacy:

When you try to look deep in her eyes, she shuts them or looks in another direction. You want to be close to her, and she tries to postpone the matter to some future date. She is protecting her personal space because she does not like you.

These are the three things a woman will do for sure if she is not into you. It is up to you to decide if you want to keep asking her out.

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