What to Do After Getting Dumped

Being dumped can be a confusing time where emotions can trump reason and the heart can get the upper hand in the ongoing battle with your brain. Love can certainly be a powerful addiction, so follow these tips to avoid a relapse with your ex:

Don’t Put Your Ex on a Pedestal:

Once you’ve realized that things are over you need to avoid contact with them. Closure is one thing, but once the relationship is really over, talking to your ex only reopens the wounds you’re trying to heal. If they’re contacting you it’s only to serve their purposes; be strong and give yourself a chance to get over them.

Don’t Contact:

Everyone has seen it before: the jilted lover who continually calls their ex. To rational people removed from the situation they seem crazy, but you will inevitably feel the urge to call them; don’t.  Begging and crying rarely entice someone to take you back – especially when alcohol is the instigator.

Avoid Relapses:

Once things are over you can’t put the genie back in the bottle. Before entertaining the idea of getting back together, remember there’s a reason that you broke up in the first place. Jumping back to your ex will likely end up with the same result while also wasting valuable time you could’ve been using to move on.

Avoid His/Her Friends & Usual Hang-outs:

If you’ve made all this effort to avoid your ex, you don’t want to accidentally bump into them.  Additionally, these people and places will remind you of your loss and stir up your feelings.

Write Feelings Out:

Sit down and write out what you’re feeling. Pour your heart out, you’ll get no judgment from the paper! Keep the letter as a reminder of the pain you went through in case you are tempted to rekindle things, but don’t even think about sending it to your ex.

Getting over being dumped can be a long and painful journey. But if you take the time to grieve the loss and work towards moving on you’ll be that much closer to finding your next fulfilling relationship.

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