Are You Too Jealous?

Imagine a situation where you are sitting with your girlfriend or boyfriend in a restaurant having a romantic evening. You think “if only this moment lasted forever,” and right at this moment comes a super hot male or female who stops at your table and your date introduces him or her as an ex-flame.

You maintain a smile while shaking hands, while a volcano of jealousy erupts inside you.

While this is a very common scenario, sometimes, you can’t even pretend to smile or to exchange friendly conversation. Green-eyed jealousy is what you are suffering from.

Are You Too Jealous?

Jealousy is a natural human feeling but there are different degrees of jealousy. Intense jealousy can be a major turn off. So, detect your level to avoid future problems. Jealousy can turn out to be a huge issue if left untreated. Here is a guide to commonly exhibited jealousy:

Sweet Jealousy:

You don’t have to associate jealousy as something very negative. It is normal to get a little jealous when you have a wonderful partner. Your man drooling over a cover girl or your girl wanting to spend time with her friends can make you jealous. It is a natural feeling, harmless and perfectly normal.

Healthy Jealousy:

When a male sees his girl is flirting with a bunch of guys that will definitely make him jealous. Rather, this should naturally come if he respects the woman. The same thing goes for women if they see their boyfriends chatting with a gaggle of girls, she will feel utterly insulted.

Obsessive Jealousy:

This is the bad type of jealously often coupled with anger and even violence. If one can’t tolerate the very name of a guy from your girl friend’s mouth or a phone call from a girl to your husband, then your level of jealousy is bordering on controlling.

Be aware of your type and intensity of jealousy before it mars your relationship in any way.

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