What Is the Source of Your Jealousy?

No matter how or why you are jealous it is a potential threat to your relationship. So, before it kills your relationship, nip it in the bud. In order to bring out jealousy it is better to know the sources of jealousy.

What Is The Source of Your Jealousy?

Detect the source of your jealousy. Given below are some of the most common sources. Identify your source and sort it out.

  • Your Past:

If you have been dumped in your previous relationship then that doesn’t mean that you have to ruin your present relationship with excessive possessiveness. Remember that this attitude is an offshoot of jealousy.

  • Your Unfaithfulness:

Have you been the unfaithful one in your past relationships? Is it a fear that this time the tables are going to be turned on you?

  • Your Limitations:

Jealousy is also the product of your own limitations. Your own low self- esteem and lack of confidence might have given rise to the feelings that you’re harboring. You might have this feeling that you two are together by some accident and you are not good enough for her.

  • He/ She Being Stolen:

His/ Her interaction with the people from the opposite sex makes you think that he /she is being stolen from you. You are extremely possessive by nature and treat people as your personal property.

What is Your Source? Come to terms with it to ensure it doesn’t affect your relationship.

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